Welcome to a new dimension in ETF investing

At John Hancock Investments, we believe investors can benefit from a blend of factors working together to drive performance. That’s why we’re bringing our manager-of-managers approach to the ETF market, teaming up with Dimensional Fund Advisors, a company regarded as one of the pioneers in strategic beta investing

Strategic beta: seeking to build a better index

Many traditional indexes and index funds are weighted by market capitalization, a bias that can expose investors to certain risks and potentially reduce returns. Strategic beta strategies such as John Hancock Multifactor ETFs offer a different approach. Each passively managed ETF seeks to improve upon cap-weighted strategies by tracking a custom index that combines active management insight with the discipline of a rules-based approach. The result leverages the goals of both active and passive management.

Strategic Beta: Active and Passive Management

Multifactor investing: a time-tested strategy built on three decades of academic research

Not all investment approaches are created equal. For more than 30 years, Dimensional Fund Advisors has leveraged academic research in their approach to factor-based investing, a style that seeks to identify and isolate those equity characteristics that are true drivers of long-term performance: smaller capitalizations, lower valuations, and higher profitability. Each of our ETFs seeks to track an index that combines multiple factors into one targeted portfolio designed not just to mirror the market, but to outperform it.

Multifactor ETF investing: a time tested strategy

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Our approach brings nearly 30 years of research and oversight to every portfolio

At John Hancock Investments, we build funds based on investor needs, then search the world to find proven portfolio teams with specialized expertise in those strategies. As a manager of managers, we apply vigorous oversight to ensure that they continue to meet our uncompromising standards and serve the best interests of our shareholders. It’s an approach that led us to deepen our relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors in launching John Hancock Multifactor ETFs. We think it's a better way to invest.

ETFs in practice: how blending active and passive strategies can lead to better outcomes

Understanding how to use ETFs in a portfolio is an important part of any conversation about asset allocation. Our work with financial advisors reveals three widely used approaches to ETF implementation, each with varying degrees of active and passive management.

ETF investing: examples of implementation styles employed by financial advisors

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Research and education

Dimensional’s investment process: rooted in academic research

Key figures behind Dimensional Fund Advisors discuss the company’s founding and its guiding principles.

Multifactor investing: seeking to build a better index

This brochure examines factor-based investing and the benefits of the multifactor approach pioneered by Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Why blending active and passive strategies is right for investors

We explore the advantages and drawbacks of active and passive strategies and how investors may benefit by blending the two.

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